Boys' Knits

Boys' Knits is a collection of 16 sweater patterns for boys. Chock full of classic designs with subtle details that boys will love to wear with enough interest to keep the knitting fun.The book also includes an indepth section on customising fit, adjusting parts of the sweater, yarn substitution as well as any tips and techniques used through out the book, all the info you would need to get the fit just right. The patterns in Boys' Knits are of a seamless construction, knit in the round from the bottom up and are graded to fit sizes 4-14 years old.

Boys' Knits is available to purchase at $26.95 + shipping for a paper copy and $16.95 for a digital issue. Paperback: 92 pages
Publisher: Cooperative Press (2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937513114
ISBN-13: 978-1937513115

For more information on each individual sweater, please visit book's Ravelry Page. For wholesale contact Cooperative Press directly


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What people are saying:

“Final tally, my boy liked and would wear more than half of the sweaters in this book, and I would like to knit any of them. Win!” - Jillian Moreno, —Knitty first fall 2012 issue.

"As the mom of a brood of boys, I’m only too aware of the lack of patterns for little men! Boys’ Knits provides for accessible designs with variety–from textures, to cables, to asymmetry, each piece twists on the basics to make for a unique and wearable handknit. With tips and tricks that every knitter appreciates, such as details on fit and making size adjustments, you’ll get use from this book long after you’ve knit each pattern!" —Kate Oates,

"Boys’ Knits hits that sweet spot for boy’s knits with patterns that are both wearable and fun to knit. Your boys will beg you to knit for them and you’ll be happy to oblige! The book also has the best adjustment advice I’ve seen for kids garments.
...Boys are amazingly hard to knit for. If you use yarn that is too scratchy they won’t wear it (no matter how much you tell them that it will keep them warm!). If you knit something very complex you are also almost guaranteed that they won’t wear it either. Katya has got it just right with this book, enough knitting interest that you’ll have fun while your knitting but nothing over the top that little (or big) boys will refuse to wear!" —Carol Feller,

"Frankel recognised the need for more patterns for young boys and I can only assume she must have an amazing empathy with them because from my experience she really got it right. The necklines used are boy friendly – loose but not gaping with the occasional hood. The patterning appears to be interpreted from a boy’s perspective – arrows, bricks, steps, and waves. And they appease the parent and/or knitter with shoulder shaping allowing for growth spurts – saddle, circular, or dropped. Designs also suit the different lengths as the wearer moves upwards. The layout of the book is stunning with dropdead gorgeous kids who almost outshine the knitting!" —Entangled Magazine, issue 04.

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