13 March 2016


The Cable Sampler Cowl was originally published as part of the Designer Challenge rubric in the Knit Now magazine in 2013. It is now available as a single pattern on Ravelry and LoveKnitting.com
The idea was to create a project for knitters wanting to learn, or practice, working from a cable chart by keeping the shape simple and providing both, a cable chart to go with the written instructions for the pattern. And the result is this cowl adorning a variety of cable ropes on its front; the back is kept as a simple stocking stitch panel, allowing you to concentrate on a cable chart.

The cowl was knitted in an Aran weight Bessie May Nettle, an intriguing wool and nettle mix that was very new to me back then. The yarn knits up beautifully, with the wool content lending it its bounce and the nettle, being a plant fibre, – its softness and sturdiness. The resulting fabric has quite a bit of sheen to it, it's almost metallic in appearance, but is so very soft. Definitely one to try out if you ever come across it! It knits up fast using only 175 yards / 160 meters of Aran weight.

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