8 June 2012

Knitscene accessories & Knit.wear spring 2012

Knitscene special issue, focusing on accessories only, was out early this month. The storyboard for this issue was very specific and I am glad to see that the photography styling followed through and stayed close to the storyboard vision. With every single photo telling a story, yet concentrating on the actual knitwear and the background  working with the piece. I love every single one of them.
(c) Interweave Press
My piece (Brazel) is a lace/bobble panel beret. A quick little knit, worked in worsted weight Malabrigo Rios. The lace panel is charted with its top leaves continuing into the crown.
(c) Interweave Press

Like its premier issue, Knit.wear (spring 2012) focuses on simple looking knits that use interesting details or construction. There are quite a few pieces with clever details and fabric manipulations. Once again the styling is simple and perfect, all eyes on the knitwear, with no distractions.
I was very flattered to have been asked to contribute a piece for this issue and had just the thing for it.
The cardigan (Medallion edged shrug) is knit from the top down seamlessly in a lightweight
(c) Interweave Press

Scrumptious Lace, designed to be layered over a summer or an evening dress. Like with most top-down seamless pieces, there is very little finishing that needs doing once the cardigan is completed. After the body is finished the stitches are picked up along the front edge and back of the neck and the lace pattern is knitted on.
(c) Interweave Press
A note about yarn. If you haven't knit with Scrumptious Lace before, you'll notice that scrumptious lace is just that - incredibly scrumptious. A fine, plied yarn in a sublime mix of silk and merino it turns light featherweight fabric. The yarn comes both in rich colours and neutrals, it's soft, lustrous and the yardage is amazing to boot! Each skein has about 1000 meters of yarn and because of that this little number only needs one skein for all sizes*.
* You might need two if you are knitting the largest size or making any modifications when making one of the larger sizes.

(c) Interweave Press

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