Head to Toe

Knitting a hat or a pair of mittens for a beloved child could hardly be more satisfying: the project is finished quickly, the small amounts of yarn that are needed make for great stash-busting – and in the end, you’ve kept a sweet person warm during her grand adventures outdoors. In this charming follow-up to her acclaimed Boys’ Knits, Katya Frankel shows once again just how perfectly she understands kids’ tastes. Whether you are knitting for girls or boys or both, you will find plenty of great-looking, quick-to-knit, easy-to-wear projects to keep your small people cozy. Shot in the breathtakingly gorgeous parklands around Northumberland, UK, the photographs will convince even the most die-hard resister of knitwear that maybe just this one time he’ll wear your hand knits.

24 patterns for boys and girls, including:
8 hat patterns,
7 neck-things patterns,
4 hand-things patterns,
and 5 sock patterns!

Paperback: 107 pages
Publisher: Cooperative Press; 1ST edition (2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937513343
ISBN-13: 978-1937513344

For more information on each individual sweater, please visit book's Ravelry Page
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What people are saying: 

"Katya has cleverly created a set of patterns which suit both boys and girls, with beautiful√≠_photography and styling. The size ranges are outstanding and the patterns are comprehensive and easy to follow. I'm impressed!" —Justine Turner,Just Jussi 

"I didn't realize quite how much I liked Katya's design aesthetic until the patterns started appearing on ravelry. Every time one would pop up in the new design section it would catch my eye and I'd click through to see the details and I’d then realize who had designed it :-). The subtle traveling cable details, the minimal color-work with bright splashes of color within greys, I love them all." —Carol Feller

"...All designs have a contemporary and practical feel to them so rather than being loaded down with cute ruffles and such, these should raise few complaints or provide an obstacle for running, jumping and generally being a kid. ...There's good sizing information in the book and comments about ease and where it should be applied. The photography is great: clear and detailed but full of fun and mischief too. I thought the models were so beautifully captured as well as wrapped in gorgeous knitwear! A big thumbs up round here!"—A Playful Day podcast 

"Katya Frankel's designs are always adorable and the 24 patterns in Head to Toe showcase her amazing talent and relaxed style.";—Lara Neel, Math 4 Knitters

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