8 November 2016

Head to Toe – Three Years On

Exactly three years ago yesterday a brief email burst into my inbox with the news of Head to Toe preorders going live. The excitement! A whole year's wait, the back and forth with the editors, the almost last minute dash to find some missing pattern photos were over with the resulting bundle ready to be seen by the knitters. Its reception was overwhelmingly positive. The emails, reviews and feedback on each and every project from the book were copious and reassuringly exciting to read; people took the time to write about it and to knit and to comment on Ravelry projects.
Book sales however, never matched the reviews. And this part to me is so so heart breaking because of the amount of thought and work that went into each project. The royalties statements were discouraging at best, going from low to dismal to is-it-even-worth-printing-them now?

Earlier this summer I had numerous conversations with Shannon, examining the royalties statements and studying the ever dropping sales figures and we came to a conclusion that the time has come to discontinue Head to Toe.

Going forward. I believe, Cooperative Press still have a number of print copies in stock that they'll be selling until all gone. I have a number of copies I ordered last year that you can buy from Big Cartel and Etsy that I'd love to sign for you if you buy one – make sure to drop a note.

I am slowly re-working the patterns to be available singly directly from me on Ravelry, PatternFish and LoveKnitting.com, with another round of tech editing and a new layout. This should come in dribs and drabs over the next couple of months.

And moving on!

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