28 September 2016

Grey Matters KAL

grey matters back cover.jpg
So… first of all, I want to say a huge thank you for such a great reception! I was itching to have the patterns out so much and see what you guys think. For those who chose to get single patterns rather than the full collection, here is a bit of an explanation about the story behind the name. 
Why Grey Matters? Grey as in colour. I go on about the inspiration behind the collection in the actual booklet much more in depth, but in a gist … “… Easy on your eye, the grey is a versatile colour; it comes in a multitude of hues and goes pretty much with everything. It waits eagerly to be coloured 
in, to fall back and let the colour become the focal point”.
You will have noticed that this year’s patterns are all knitted using only one yarn - Ginger Twist. These are great, vibrant colours that were an absolute pleasure to work with. Big shout out to Jess for producing such beautiful hand-dyed yarns.
There is a #greymatterskal Ravelry and I hope you will join in, bright colours are encouraged and I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody is picking for their colour combos.
The cast on date is 8th October, you can find the rest of the KAL details over in my Ravelry group.

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