29 April 2016

How to: Make an I-cord Cast on

Caldera Cardigan, published last month, is knitted from the top down beginning with an I-cord cast on. There's a couple of ways in which you can approach this, although which one to use depends on whether the I-cord is the same colour as the rest of the yoke (or body, if you're working from the bottom up).

Option one has you make an I-cord first and then pick up the stitches along it. It can be used either when your I-cord is done in a contrasting colour or the same as the rest of your knitting.

In option two the I-cord and the cast on base are created together, simultaneously. You'll increase into the front and back of the first I-cord stitch while making the I-cord as per usual. Once completed, the I-cord will have a row of live stitches along its side, ready to be knitted. The only issue with this option is that the live stitches are the same colour as the I-cord and because these live stitches turn into the first row of the yoke the transition between the I-cord and the rest of the body messes up.

And here's how to do it:

Option 1 - use for a contrasting I-cord or the same colour I-cord

Now, carry on in this manner until you've got the correct number of stitches.
You're done!

Option 2 - use for main colour I-cord only

I'm working my I-cord over 4 stitches here.

 umm, Step 5 ->

Et voila, you're ready to knit the yoke!

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