29 March 2016

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016

I had just under a day to spend looking over the yarns, the buttons, the fibre, all things knitting and wool related along the way, to talk to old friends and meet new, so much can be squeezed in a short period of time.
It turns out the building of Corn Exchange can fit an astounding number of people - it was buzzing with chatter, with conversation, with ooh's about one another's knitwear. Wherever I looked, my eye caught a glimpse of a shawl, a cardi, the seasoned festival goers even managed to don on a hat indoors, although the air was warm (as said by the person who's cold all the time everywhere but inside a hot bath).
If at all possible, Edinburgh Yarn Festival was even better this year. I can't quite put my finger on it, perhaps I was less busy and there was more time to talk with people?
A tiny portion of Ginger Twist's stall

Ginger Twisted was one of my first stands to visit. We've a surprise for the Edinburgh folk coming up very soon, but it wasn't the only reason - I was eager to see some of Jess' hand-dyes in person and pick a few skeins for an upcoming project. Her colour palette ranges from vividly brights to gently variegated and muted ones - like with many yarns, they are better looked at and chosen in person.

I bumped into Rachel's (of Porpoise Fur) stall tucked in the corner of the hall. We've met once before but this was the first time I saw her work exhibited - there's so much beauty!

Shamefully, I took too few pictures to share the vast beauty of yarns that were there and people I spoke with. Till next year, hoping to see you there as well!

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