20 February 2016

Join me for the Anything Goes KAL

Rather excitingly today marks the beginning of my very first knit-along and I hope you can join me!

One of my most favourite pastimes is knitting [along] with my chums at our regular get-together in a pub. Knitting in a company is great, and not just because we have a shared hobby, we talk and enable one another with beautiful finished knitwear, and talk some more. Internet knit-alongs come up in conversation inevitably because of Ravelry and after a bit of consideration and a teeny bit of encouragement I've decided to run one as well! I've made some good friends through knitting, and although we all come from such different backgrounds and have varied interests, that's what brought us together in the first place :-)
from left to right the patterns are: Llani, Heidi and Karys
This winter (emerging into spring any day now) I am running the Anything Goes KAL on Ravelry and am here to welcome you to join in! The group has been lively for the past week or so with everybody's plans for it (the rules are very lax) and am so pleased that quite a few of my knit group friends are joining in as well!
How to Join? 
To sign up you will need to join this group and pop in to say you’re joining. Feel free to participate in the threads, plan, post your progress photos in here and later a finished project in the FO thread. 
You can knit any KF pattern. Anything at all, whether it’s in your ever-growing WIP pile or a new cast on, garments, accessories, large or small — it’s all good. 
Link to Bundles for pattern suggestions.
The KAL will run between 20th of February and 30th of March.
There is a 20% discount with the code anythinggoeskal on all self-published patterns from 8th until the end of the first week of the KAL (Sunday 29th) for anyone participating. 
There will be prises, although I haven’t decided what and when just yet. Keep an eye on this thread about mid way through the Knit Along.
Why, yes, there’s a hashtag as well :-) #anythinggoeskal
ETA Feel free to tag your projects with agk16 on Ravelry, so that we could all have a browse through what everyone’s making!

clockwise from the top left corner: Cove Bay, Numinous, Jagger, Tracery, Apple River and Sidereal

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