25 January 2016


Sidereal shawl pattern on Ravelry

Shawls is one of my favourite things to knit. It's up there together with socks and hats, the projects that are fairly quick and instantly noticeable. They don't use up much yarn and, shawls in particular, are perfect for those precious skeins that want to be shown off. The Sidereal Shawl is a bit of new waters for me, as I've only designed one large shawl in the past! It was however, fun!

Sidereal shawl pattern on Ravelry
This shawl begins with a garter tab at the top and grows out towards the wide garter band that frames it along the bottom edge. Your, traditional triangle construction with well-placed gauzy centre that's off-set with a healthy amount of garter.
Sidereal shawl pattern on Ravelry
The gauzy stitch pattern is both charted and written out to make sure you follow whichever instruction you find more comfortable.
Sidereal shawl pattern on Ravelry
The eagle-eyed between you would have noticed that the stitch pattern is somewhat reminiscent of that used in JAGGER shawl. Their stitch patterns indeed came from a shared inspiration and were designed together, but the resulting shawls couldn't have been more different if they'd happened separately. 
Sidereal uses a skein of light fingering weight and can be worked in a solid, or as the sample in  in front of you, a hand-dyed yarn. This one was knitted with Ancient Arts 3ply Sock weight, it comes in 100g skeins at 340 meters each

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