29 December 2015


The end of December lull is hitting, always surprising, but similarly predictable around now. I've cast on two brand new knits on Boxing Day, joining in with Louise Scollay's (of the knitbrittish.net) #notaknitalong. 

Which was both fun and something to fill the time after all the hubbub of Xmas. We've still the New Year's celebration to go through, but I wanted to pop round to share one of the patterns that I cast on

on Boxing Day. I'm knitting Jagger Shawl that was originally published by Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts and is now available directly from me as a pdf download.

Jagger begins with the gauzy border adorned with large diamonds from which the stitches are picked up for the centre section of the shawlette. 
The stocking stitch centre lends the mesh border a little stability, simultaneously creating the perfectly arching-ribbon shape. The centre part is knitted from the border towards the neck, which means that the rows diminish in length as you knit on. 

The pattern is suitable for an intermediate knitter: there is some lace to follow with simple increases and decreases, and finishing. The mesh edging pattern is both written out row by row and charted for your convenience and the patterning is only happening on the right side of knitting.

The finished size is 13 ½ in / 34.5 cm tall, measured at the widest point; 8 ½ in / 21.5 cm tall, measured at the end point; and approximately 86 in / 218.5 cm long, measured along the outer edge.

You will only need one 400 m skein of fingering weight yarn to make this shawl. The one I'm knitting at the moment is in a soft grey Yarn Stories merino in a DK weight. I grabbed the yarn cake in the afternoon without looking properly at what it was and only realised that it actually knits up heavier than I thought it would when I was half way through the edging. I'm excited to see what comes off it :-)


  1. Such a pretty pattern! I love the little hourglass twist.

    1. I find it so interesting that I always thought of it as a row of diamonds only concentrating on the positive space. And thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there! Yes, there are some kits that are available as an exclusive from kitterly.com - part of their March kit club. You'd have to get in touch with them directly to find out the details.


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