16 December 2015

How to Shape a Star Toe - Sock Knitting

The star toe that Brixham sock uses is a variation on a round toe. The idea is that you divide the
number of stitches by four and decrease at the end of each set. If you knit your socks on a set of five double pointed needles, each set will be on a separate needle and you'll be decreasing at the end of each one. Easy!

Why make a star shaped toe? You may find that it fits your toes better, or simply because life's too short for grafting toes – either way, it's just another option for shaping the sock toes. It is quick and the only finishing that it requires is drawing the tail end through the remaining stitches.

For a 4-pointed star toe make a sock that's approximately 2 inches / 5 cm shorter than the desired foot length.
Divide the number of stitches evenly between your needles and shape toe as follows:
Decrease round: Knit to 2 last sts on the needle, k2tog.
Repeat this Decrease round every other round until there are 8 sts left on the needles.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail and draw it through the remaining stitches.

To make the star toe longer – work an extra round between your decrease rounds until the number of stitches halves, then switch to decreasing every other round.

To make the star toe shorter – work your decrease rounds every other round until the number of stitches halves, then switch to decreasing every round.

You can easily play with these ratios to make the socks fit perfectly by alternating between working the decrease rounds every two rounds, followed by every other round, and finally make it taper by decreasing every round.

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