18 November 2015

Gift-A-Long 2015 is almost here

Giftalong 2015 begins tomorrow! Gift-A-Long, or GAL for short, is a multi-designer promotion followed by a Knit-A-Long where the knitters are invited to join us in the GAL group for holiday chatter, scores and scores of prizes, and sharing pics of their beautiful projects.

The Gist

The Giftalong starts with a week long promotion to kick it off, with the second, fun, part continuing in to the New Year's Eve. You can use any patterns from the participating designers in the second part of the GAL, not just the discounted ones; and all you need to do to join is create a regular Ravelry project page and share it in one of the Giftalong forums.

I have included a selection of my patterns in this years Giftalong, with a good mix of quick accessories, not-so-quick accessories, and a bunch of garments for those feeling ambitious!  

Click on the photo above to see all my GAL discounted patterns

The Sale

The discount week runs between Nov 19th 8pm (US-EST) and Nov 27 at 11:59 pm (US-EST)

Use giftalong2015 at checkout to get the 25% discount on eligible patterns (each designer involved has a bundle names giftalong2015 on their Ravelry page). 

The Knit-A-Long

The Knit-A-Long portion of the Giftalong runs between Nov 19th 8pm (US-EST) and Dec 31 at 11:59 pm (US-EST).

Join the Giftalong group to share your project photos. 

In the meantime, I'll be doing a round up of my own Top Tens from the vast number of patterns offered through the giftalong this week, highlighting the patterns I love from the fellow designers who's work I admire.

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