23 November 2015

GAL2015 – Top Ten Sweater Patterns

Giftalong2015 is well on its way with so many people joining in, so many projects being knitted and shared, plus there are conundrum games with pattern prizes (and physical ones too) in the Indie gift along group on Ravelry. All good fun!

Today I've done a round up of some beautiful sweater patterns and hope you like the selection.

No Bad Weather by Aimee Alexander is a sweet round yoke sweater, that looks perfect with its waist shaping, and a bit of raglan under the colourwork. The yoke is what drew my attention to it and it really is beautiful!

© PDS Publications with Heather Wilson

I love the cowl collar in Cawdor by Emily Williams, the way its edges continue into the the body is quite casual and neat at the same time. It looks like it'll make a very comfy and warm sweater to wear.
© Emily Williams

Libeller by Cristina Ghirlanda is calling to my recent obsession with the colour grey, I love the way she paired the pink pastel with its body so much. With raglan sleeves it is knitted seamlessly from the top down and is obviously a very quick knit that you can easily customise and make in your favourite colours.
© Cristina Ghirlanda

Variegated yarns show up more and more in colourwork. Laura used – in her Lansdowne sweater – a long colour change to work the little insert at the front of the sweater to create an ombre effect across the stitch pattern, which I adore!  
© Laura Chau

Corazon by Julia Trice uses a good mix of lace and texture and is a close fitting sweater. It comes with two different sleeve length options – 3/4 and a full length – and two body options  –  waist length (that seems to work really well with a dress) and a full body, below.
© mbwd

Yukiya Pullover is yet another top by Julia, but is very different to the one above. The yoke is simply stunning in this one, I understand the stitch pattern is achieved by slipping stitches rather than stranding (mosaic perhaps? or inside-out colourwork?). I'll have to get this one for sure if only to satisfy my curiosity :-)
© mindofwinter

Next pattern is Irene Wrap by Deirdre Lejeune – a sideways knitted gilet with a very striking cable pattern across it. A quick, easy knit that looks adorable and surely can be finished by Xmas, no?
© Deirdre Lejeune

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud does feminine design so well. Her Echoes pattern hits just the right spot if you're after a well fitted elegant pullover with a bit of lace. With an open cowl that drapes perfectly over the shoulders here, there's waist shaping, some pretty buttons to show off – it's got it all covered!
by rockandpurl

You can't really beat an intuitive stitch pattern in a sweater. The purls twist and spiral across the stocking stitch ground in this seamless Twist sweater by Jenise Hope, creating a very strong visual. What's more amazing is that all the shaping is integrated into the stitch pattern! 
© Jenise Reid

And lastly, Nougat by Justyna Lorkowska took my breath away when I saw it – there are cables, lace columns, garter ridges, stocking stitch, ribbing – so many different details that work together really well. 
© Marcin Duda


My own patterns available through the giftalong are available, at a discount, over here until November 27th.

Prim Cardigan below is a seamless design worked bottom-up with waist-shaping and raglan sleeves. Although the cardigan is relying on Reversed Stocking stitch as its ground - there's no more purling here than a regular stocking stitch cardigan would have. 
The slipped stitches are worked on the purled background and visually accentuate the waist and raglan shaping. All shaping is worked on the wrong side - the knit one - of the pattern which makes increasing and decreasing a breeze.

(c) Katya Frankel

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