26 November 2015

GAL 2015 – Top Ten Toys and Home Accessories' Patterns

Good morning all! I left the sweetest to last with the final Top Ten of this year's Gift-a-Long being toys and home accessories. This lot would make perfect gifts for anyone – there are cushions, toys, and even a tea cosy. Enjoy!

I'm hitting it off with a simple cushion pattern by Kate Bostwick, called Sea Oak. It is knitted flat with an interesting cable motif running along one of its sides. A good minimalistic design with style.
© Kate Bostwick

Shining Around by Talitha Kuomi is more of a novelty cushion. That'll be quite a fun thing to have in a living room; it's knitted in the round from the centre outwards with each point finished separately.
© talithakuomi

Ella Austin is the queen of toys. Her Tawny Owl is adorable – she knitted it with small amounts of 4-ply yarn, putting all your left over sock yarn to use!
© Ella Austin

Fancy Hen is another pattern by Ella Austin. A cute fair-isle cushion to practice your stranding with a delightful toy-cushion-even a door stopper at the end.
© baa ram ewe

Polaris by Ann Kingstone is a colourwork sampler-come-cosy that's knitted in the round and joined with a 3-needle-bind-off at the end. I love the Christmassy vibe of the traditional stitch pattern paired with the bright colours.
© Verity Britton

OMG, I love the face of this Sheepish Toy, the galaxy-coloured yarn makes it extra surreal; and those eyes – no words apart from so cute!
© cheezombie

Persian Dreams by Jenise Hope is an exquisite study in colourwork. Each hexagon is knitted separately, you can definitely use either complementary or contrasting colours to make it. And, let's face it you'll be a colourwork pro by the time you'll be done.
© Jenise Hope

Baby Owl Mobile by Sarah Alderson is an amigurumi crochet pattern. My crochet skills are quite basic, but this looks like an easy pattern to follow with only the basic stitches used. A charming little toy!
© AlderSign

Cuckoo is another toy pattern by Sarah Alderson, but knitted this time. It's got a cute little face, but I somehow thought it was a seal when I first saw it – you can definitely make it into either! Sarah tells a funny little inspiration tale about it as well.
© Chris Turner

I couldn't not include a tea cosy in this post. Tea cosies are must-haves and must-gives! I Talk with the Moon by K.M. Bedigan is a fun little project with a bit of colourwork and i-cords to keep our tea pots toasty. So pretty!
© K.M. Bedigan
My own patterns available through the giftalong are available, at a discount, over here until November 27th.

The Quatrefoil Cups are knitted flat in garter stitch, section by section, in a log cabin fashion. When the piece is finished, the first row and the last row are joined together with kitchener stitch that creates smooth, perfectly seamless fabric.
© Katya Frankel

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