24 November 2015

GAL 2015 Top Ten Neck-a-Thing Patterns


I'm going tell you ahead that these are mostly shawls, as I think I am subconsciously craving a shawl (or two). They are all gorgeous though, and there's a good variety of different constructions and techniques.

First, there is a beautiful triangle shawl by Simone Kereit – it begins at a point and is increased gradually, letting you completely control its size. You can pretty much carry on working on it until you're out of yarn. The colour stripes are actually mosaic (another one I'm constantly being drawn to), meaning you only work with one strand of yarn in each row.
© Simone Kereit / OwlCat Designs

Long gradient yarns are everywhere at the moment yet I'm never quite sure how to use them best. Havasu by Allison LoCicero does it very well, beginning with a stocking stitch centre and moving onto a lace pattern that works brilliantly with ombre yarn. It's not a beginner lace pattern but if you're up for a challenge you'll have a beautiful shawl at the end!
© Allison LoCicero

Crosstown by Jessica K. Larson is a sort of a palette cleanser for me. It's a very straightforward pattern that would be good for telly knitting with a bit of interest in a form of lacy ribs.
© Annie Riley

Irulan by Barbara Benson is a mixture of lace and garter with a bold visual stitch pattern that seems like it will be a very quick knit. And let's be honest, sometimes all you need is a quick shawl knitted at a large gauge for effect.
© Barbara Benson

In between all the shawls Laura by Jennifer Dassau caught my eye – it looks like such a quick snuggly knit. The ribbed cables lend it this intense texture feel I adore!
© Jennifer Dassau

Transversal by Lee Meredith is yet another pattern from the In Triplicate collection that recently came out. A bit of garter, a bit of lace, some stripes – a perfect combo in my opinion. Plus, grellow!
© Lee Meredith

Cindy Garland has a number of beautiful striped shawls on offer, so this one was a little tough to narrow down. The stripes here are done as intarsia, and is something to consider if you'd like to practice some intarsia, perhaps? A very strong design.
© Wild Prairie Knits

More stripes! Aileron by Dieuwke van Mulligen has an interesting construction, something a little different for a two colour shawl. It's knitted upside down beginning with that little triangle at the bottom and results in a beautifully striking piece.
© Dieuwke van Mulligen

Aglow by Kristina Vilimaite is stunning! The lace pattern begins with a tiny bud of a couple of yarn overs at the tip of the shawl and blossoms into this gorgeous flower at the opposite edge. Very, very pretty!  
© Kristina Vilimaite

Once more, some slip-stitch magic creating an interesting colourwork effect. The Wavy Infinity Scarf by Gabrielle Vezina is knitted using a number of colours of DK weight yarn, varying between light and dark background.
© Gabrielle V├ęzina

My own patterns available through the giftalong are available, at a discount, over here until November 27th.
There's a number of shawl and cowl patterns in the bundle but I think I'll highlight a cowl since somehow I ended up concentrating on shawls throughout this post.

Causal Nexus is worked in the round as a seamless tube. The ends of the cowl are grafted together at the end to form a perfect ring. The charted colourwork section combines three easy stitch patterns and lends it a bit of a rich heritage feel.

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