21 October 2015

How to: make pompoms!

A few days ago I made a fun little pompom to top a new hat and it made quite a furore on Instagram, so I am putting it out here for the record. It's just a little something fun to do with the left over yarn, fibre or roving to spice up a hat and doesn't take much time. So, Enjoy!

Super cute, 3-colour pompom!
don't forget to pin it for later!

a 3-colour pompom idea!

There's, however, more than one way to pompom! I used some fibre I bought at Edinburgh Yarn Fest last year to make the following one and love the way it turned out! As expected, due to fibre being a very airy medium, the pompom is much lighter at the same volume. You can use a regular strand of cotton to tie it together and then attach to a hat.

how to make a pompom with fibre

Go, Pompom!

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