23 October 2015


Barn Elms was part of the Autumn Essentials 2014 trio I put out last year. As I was setting to blog about the upcoming collection I noticed that Barn Elms was forgotten last year in a draft pile and never got a separate mention here.

Over the years I had gotten used to the ebb and flow of work process, with the peak in the amount of work around spring and summer that gets gently released in to the world over the autumn and winter
period. When I finished the last year's collection I immediately penciled down a plethora of all the "Essential" ideas on my never ending must-design-when-the-time-allows list (together with all the book titles that I'll probably never write). But alas, the balance between a self-indulgent project like this one and the commissions that I need to take on in order to keep our bank account in check can be tricky to strike. 

A lot of thought and time went into the actual planning of last year's collection, where I was painstakingly matching the yarns with the stitch patterns, swatching, re-swatching, and changing my mind about the feel of the collection as a whole.

This year's compilation feels incredibly fast in the way it came together. As the rush of the commissioned work subsided a little towards the end of September, I dug out my aforementioned must-design list and it all pretty much snow-balled from there on. The general feel of the collection was there, I knew what the designs were going to be before I even sat down to sketch, the only minor mis-hap was the choice of yarn for a hat because my original choice didn't want to play nicely with the stitch pattern, but otherwise it was fluent and painless. I feel that I must've earned a badge of some sort for the ability to switch on my creativity when needed. Although perhaps it's just the familiarity with the process?

If you are following me on Instagram by now you would've noticed some sneak-peeks into the current collection already; the general idea is much the same as with the last year's bundle – relaxing, easy to follow, and fun projects. I am looking forward to sharing the new patterns with you in the very near future, but for now you can get an idea of what to expect this time round from looking at the last years projects over here – Autumn Essentials 2014.

Barn Elms is a highly textured beanie that was inspired by a row of trees dappled by autumnal sunshine – something that is recreated beautifully by the use of a kettle-dyed yarn – whilst the crown shaping is reminiscent of tree rings. It is a unisex hat that makes a great travel project and is also suitable for advanced beginners.

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