15 September 2015


Mercury is another of the latest Yarn Stories' Minerality collection, a collection that's concentrated on elegant silhouettes and clean lines with stitch patterns used to accentuate the designs.

Mercury cabled sweater pattern by Katya Frankel

With Mercury I can finally say that I made good friends with a seamed construction after years of
working predominantly on seamless patterns. Truth be told: no matter how much you may be attached to a seamless design and the no-finishing that comes with it, there are times when seams are the only answer to a simpler pattern and a cleaner design. Which is what happens here.
After reading the commission brief that accented a simple form above all, the construction decision was made for me; leaving me to concentrate on a pure classic with beautifully fitted sleeve caps and shoulders, the round neck and the pattern placement on the front.

Mercury cabled sweater pattern by Katya FrankelMercury is designed for Yarn Stories DK merino, a plied merino yarn that's quite springy. It holds shape well when knitted up, and as you can see, lets cables and the twisted stitches of the hem pop. The honeycomb stitch on either side of the centre cable sits comfortably against sleeve caps in each size.
After seaming and blocking, the sweater is finished with a band of a twisted rib around the neckline to match its hem and cuffs.

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