16 September 2015


Gypsum is my final pattern to be included in the Minerality collection!

Lace scarf pattern by Katya Frankel (Yarn Stories)

It is knitted flat as one continuous rectangle, which actually takes the shape of a rhombus because of the way the stitches behave. As you knit on, the increases and decreases shape the fabric, making the
fabric tilt to the left.
Its long edge is trimmed with a band of garter stitch, to both give it a bit of weight to open up the lace, and to round off the pattern. 
While planning Gypsum I imagined it as cape rather than a scarf; knitted as one continuous rectangle it was meant to be seamed at the end to make a cape, and can be easily made into a cape or worn plain and simple as a scarf, as you can see what the wardrobe stylist went for in the photos.
The chequered lace stitch is truly effortless once you've got yourself into its rhythm and paired with the simple construction of this scarf makes for a great first project for anyone wanting to venture into lace knitting.


Lace scarf pattern by Katya Frankel (Yarn Stories)

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