9 May 2015

LoveKnitting Indie Designer Month and VAT inclusive patterns for EU

I know I have promised some seaming tutorials [shocker] a month ago, I do remember and they will be coming. I've been sucked into hard core gardening this month and trying to tidy up my new allotment, it's no secret that tutorials take time and a lot of effort to put together, and because I want to cover it properly, it got a little postponed.

Now, however, I've a couple of announcements:

First: May is Indie Designer Month at Love Knitting. And part of their Indie Designer celebration they are offering customers who buy a pattern 10% off yarn purchases on their site! How fantastic is that!

LoveKnitting Independent Designers

I've only been with LoveKnitting a short while but I am impressed with their commitment to promoting indies full time. Their website has grown massively in the past few months from better search options on the store front for customers to behind the scenes making things streamlined for designers. Which brings me to…

Second: If you remember the VAT chaos that messed up my pattern prices for the EU customers late last year (2014), the prices have finally been sorted on LoveKnitting and I am very happy to announce that all single patterns purchased through Ravelry and/or LoveKnitting are VAT inclusive from now on. No more extra charges or price disparities between different EU countries.

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