6 April 2015

Ramandu for Yarn Stories

Please welcome, Ramandu, an open fronted cardigan designed with layering, wardrobe essentials and comfort in mind. Ramandu is knitted in three
parts, two fronts and back, from the bottom up using only the primary of the knitting stitches. You will have noticed that its construction choice is an atypical one for me, being so used to working in the round and avoiding seams as much as possible. And although a seamed construction may be a seldom invitee here up until now, the choice was most deliberate with Ramandu. The truth is that sometimes seams are necessary; necessary to add stability, highlight the shape and allow the garment keep that shape for years of wear, and not least important they might un-complicate a design. I'm falling in love with seams* again.
* there was a time when everything I knitted was seamed and perhaps I'm realising that by trying to avoid them, I passed over way too many designs that fell into this category one way or another!

Ramandu! It starts at the hem and is worked up towards the shoulder in three pieces. The back is very gently shaped at waist, you are most welcome to skip this bit of shaping if you would like a roomier cardi. The fronts's shaping is sneaked into their chequered bands that begin with a rather generous chequerboard and slowly taper up as you progress finally changing into a rib at the neckline.

The sleeve ribbing is knitted on after the shoulders have been joined and finally the sides of the cardigan are seamed together in one go, from the hem up towards the underarm and further along its curve culminating at the end of the sleeve ribbing.**

You can purchase Ramandu from Yarn Stories and on Ravelry.

** I am taking a week or so off through Easter, but will make sure to put together some seaming tutorials after that.

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