4 March 2015

Head to Toe - Hand Things - Cheviot Hills

Ever since moving to the North East we have taken to spending some time by the Cheviots in Northumberland. If you've not been to Northumberland, it is gorgeous and quite, being the least densely populated county in England, with a varying landscape where you'll have moors and hills and rivers aplenty. There are of course cities and towns to visit, although we tend to stick to the open country and paths around the Cheviots and walk. Because you get to see this

 and this

and say hello to the passers by if you're feeling brave

Cheviot Hills is that little piece of Northumberland that has a special place in my heart, with it's spectacular views and the quiet of the country, the rolling hills that are darted with paths and trails. And it is that, that I wanted to translate into a twist motif of a cable, a bold yet quite design, a path that catches your eye with nothing else to distract you. 

Cheviot Hills mitt pattern by Katya Frankel

Letting the single twists of cables in these mitts bring together knit and purl textures much like the Cheviot Hills' valleys bridge the fields.

Cheviot Hills mitt pattern by Katya Frankel

The mitts are knitted with Mirasol Tuhu, a very soft yarn that shows the texture of knits and purls and the cables so well. They are sized up from " to fit a wee little hand to ", intended to be worn with a little bit of a negative ease.

Get Cheviot Hills on Ravelry (+ the book link)

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