18 March 2015

Edinburgh yarn festival

In a word, Edinburgh Yarn Festival was AMAZING!
It was the first festival where I actually was at a stall, spending the two days helping Yarn Garden selling our kits and my books, talking to knitters about what they like to work with and what they like to knit. I enjoyed every single bit of it and came back with so many design ideas!

Once again, pardon my blurry photos, I obviously never learn that the phone lens needs a good polish every now and then.

The festival was so well organised and incredibly busy, I feel that if it weren't for the Ca-baa-ret night I wouldn't have had enough time to catch up
with so many people properly. It was nice bumping into some old friends, even if it only was to say hi and meeting new ones who I've been either chatting to on twitter or know through work: Louise Scollay of KnitBritish, Clare Devine who was at the booth next to ours but I didn't realise that until the very end of Saturday :-) (btw she was the one who did layout for my Yarn Play collection a couple of years ago), Kirstyn of LoveKnitting, Allison of Yarn in the City (I occasionally talk to her on twitter but didn't realise who she was because the handle is different and, well, duh!), Joanne Scrace who is a crochet designer I admire muchly and is one half of Crochet ProjectLucy Hague who just brought out a gorgeous book chock full of beautiful celtic cable shawls, and met one of the Miss Spiritual Tramp's buddies too.

I loved that EYF was filled with conversations about locally produced British Yarns and the sustainability of our fibre industry as a whole, loved that so many knitters were there with their partners, that new yarns are emerging as a result of designers and dyers working with local mill owners, that so much knowledge is passed around and shared as a result of those collaborations.
I just wish we had more time to chat with everybody! And shop. I had a little wonder at the very end and picked up some gorgeous fibre in very bright colours with no particular plans for it just yet, I think it'll be good for some wet felting once it decides what it wants to be, and a Harris Tweed pouch.
What a weekend! It was great and I am very much looking forward to next EYF!

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