11 February 2015

Book Highlight: Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color

There are still a couple of days left of #shareCPlove promo and I'd love to share some of my favourite books that they published over the past few years.

Anna Dalvi's Ancient Egypt in Lace and Colour is a book of beautiful shawl patterns, beautifully photographed. There are 12 shawl patterns, each one is clearly written and comes with an engaging inspiration story. She touches on both, myths and colours, that excited her imagination and inspired the designs in this book.

The stitch patterns are charted and each design is photographed on a model as well as flat. To me, this seems so ingenious yet an obvious thing to do, truly the best way to see the pattern placement and the shape of the shawl at once.
Dalvi made sure to include a number of shawl constructions in the book, a variety of shapes and stitch patterns, there's something for everyone.

These are just some of my picks from the book:
Fields of Malackite pairs a traditional triangle shape with large scale lace.

Nefer is a delicate looking lace crescent with nupps.

Nefertari is a triangular shawl that begins with a straight forward chevron lace that transitions into a more of an elegant gothic window type of a stitch.

Ra and Apep is a circular shawl that starts off with a filet medallion, expanding into petals that are then echoed in the shawl's edging.

Seth begins with a field of stocking stitch that slowly fractures into large diamond, that in turn are split up again and again until they become dainty little specs at the edge. Such a impressive use of basic lace stitches!

You can get Ancient Egypt in Lace and Colour on Amazon, Coop Press website and Ravelry.

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