16 January 2015

How to: count cable rows

how to count cable rows - knitting technique

I love cables and often use them for texture and although cables are pretty easy once you've mastered the actual cabling there's one element of it that catches me almost every time, especially if the pattern is easy to memorise and doesn't need row-by-row following once it's set up.

Cable rows don't look as straight forward as they do in stocking stitch and it can be tricky to know how many rows you've made since the last cable cross. There is, however, a very easy way to count them using a spare needle.

Whichever kind of cable you make there is always going to be a little hollow at the bottom of that cable created by the cable cross. Insert your spare needle into this hollow, straight up through the back of your knitting, and take it out under the working needle.
how to count cable rows - knitting technique
Give your knitting a tug sideways to loosen up the stitches. You will have a number of floats sitting atop the vertical needle. Now all you need to do is count them.

how to count cable rows - knitting technique
The first float from the bottom is always going to be your cable row and the rest of the floats are the rows you've knitted after the cable row. So, here for example, I've four floats making them one cable row and three plain rows. As easy as that!

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