15 December 2014


Shawgrove mitts pattern by Katya Frankel

I bought a ball of Rowan's Pure Wool Worsted a couple of months ago trying to match the colour to the other two projects in this collection. The mitts were knitted a while ago in a neutral colourway but as photos go the collection was screaming for something brighter to bring the navy blue of the cowl and the rich emerald of the hat together. Luckily for me I had a friend with a really good eye for colour to help me out and this is what I came home with. 

The yarn
Rowan's Pure Wool [Superwash] Worsted is a great solid yarn that was brought onto the market not long ago and I can see it slowly taking over the worsted market in the UK as it knits beautifully and is great for showcasing some texture and cables, as wools go it's soft and not itchy at all, it comes in 56 shades from neutrals to some really vibrant ones. So, yeah, as you can probably tell I really enjoyed working with it and I think it'll wear well because I did work with their Pure Wool DK in the past and the sweaters it creates are near indestructible. 

The pattern
The mitts are worked in the round using an intuitive and easy all-over cable pattern and are really quick to make. The cables grow organically from the ribbing before they wind across the hand and back into the ribbing around the fingers. You'll only need one ball of Worsted weight to make them.

Shawgrove mitts pattern by Katya Frankel
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  1. I love the design of these mitts; how the ribbing along the edge lines up with the fingers is really interesting.


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