19 December 2014

Head to Toe – Head Things – Rainton

Rainton hat pattern by Katya Frankel
Morning! It's time for another Head to Toe introduction – Rainton.

Rainton is the only hat in Head to Toe that was designed upside down. It starts at the tip of the crown with a mere few stitches that round by round grow into a hat! You can add earflaps with pulls to it if you fancy, or just stop at a beanie shape, it's completely up to you. As a bonus, the knit and purl stitch pattern makes this hat completely reversible, so that it can be put on any-side-out or in, for that matter.

Rainton hat pattern by Katya Frankel

Since the book came out, a number of people have contacted me asking how this hat can be adapted to fit an adult. If you've ever knitted kids hats I am almost certain that you would have noticed that past the age of 3 or 4 their heads are VERY close in circumference to those of adults. It's pretty amazing because kids heads usually look smaller than ours and this is due to the fact that although the circumference might be the same, their depth is often shallower than that of an adult head. Because of this, if the pattern is written out to accommodate a good number of sizes, the only change you'd have to make is make the hat deeper.

Here, for example, the largest size will fit a head of 24 inches / 61.5cm in circumference and the pattern tells you to make it  inches / 12cm deep before moving onto the earflaps. 24 inch head easily falls in the upper end of the adult head sizes as well, but to make the hat fit an adult noggin you'd want to add an inch or two to its depth.

With a top down pattern in particular you can try the hat on as you go and stop at the depth you're happy with, just like that!

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