23 December 2014

Christmas greetings and an e-book sale

I've a little treat for you this Christmas – there is a 20% discount sale on any one of my four e-books from now till the end of the year. Aside from spreading the cheer, this year's Holiday Sale has another reason for it :-)

The EU is bringing in a new legislation regarding the taxation of digital products (which my patterns are) and with it bringing a whole lot of difficulties when selling to the EU. Ravelry has integrated their platform with LoveKnitting to make sure that the EU customers are still able to buy our single patterns. This however, does not cover e-books because LoveKnitting does not support e-books at the moment.

And so it goes, from January 1st I will no longer be able to sell eBooks to customers residing in the EU until further notice.
The discount is valid worldwide, EU or not, no code is needed. Offer ends 31 December, 2015 2014.
Yarn Play is a collection of 7 patterns written for Malabrigo Yarns, comprising 3 garments and 4 accessories.
Autumn Essentials 2014: Woodlands is a mini collection of three patterns offering you a set of perfect wardrobe classics to knit this Autumn.
The Textured hat collection is a bundle of 6 hat designs in a variety of styles all utilising knit and purl stitches.


  1. Did you notice that the expiration for the discount reads 2015? Is that a typo or very generous timeframe?

    1. Oops! Thank you for pointing this out, all corrected now.


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