12 November 2014


I wanted to do a little periodical style mini collection for a while now and started working on this no less than a year ago – yes, these things take a lot of planning :-). The idea is to have a running Autumn Essentials compilation with a different theme every year, or a variation on a theme, something that I can work on when I'm not busy designing for magazines or yarn companies. This year's theme is Woodlands, with three easy-to-wear designs inspired by the forest.

So, without further ado, please welcome Puzzlewood!

Puzzlewood cowl pattern by Katya Frankel

Puzzlewood draws its inspiration quite literally from the reflections on water you see when the surface is perfectly still, making it an upside-down reversible. It also features one of my favourite elements – cables that are set on the stocking stitch ground – calling back to the water flow.

The cowl is knitted in Cascade 220 Worsted, perfectly squishy and warm. Cascade 220 is one of my go-to's for anything with cables because I find that textured stitches pop really well in it, plus being a super-wash blend it wears great with no pilling. 
Quite naturally, the cowl is worked seamlessly in the round. You only need one skein of Cascade 220 to complete it and I suggest going close to their yardage (220 yards as per name) when subbing the yarn to something else and keep in mind that the yarn amount may vary slightly if you use different yarn.

Puzzlewood cowl pattern by Katya Frankel

Puzzlewood is the first one of the 3-pattern collection named Autumn Essentials 2014: Woodlands. 

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