4 November 2014


Amelia sweater pattern by Katya Frankel for Yarn Stories.
I love sampling new yarns. It's always exciting to see what new bases or colourways companies and yarnries come up with, try them out, find out what works best for one base or the other. To me, designing with a particular yarn in mind is always an adventure, you want to show it off in the best light possible and narrow the multitude of textures and colour–work patterns to that perfect one that'd represent it most favourably. No pressure!

So, the new yarn, Yarn Stories, was launched with their fine merino in a DK and 4ply weights with a very good range of natural and accent shades (their Burnt Sienna and Toffee are just delectable, aren't they?). The base is so soft and pliable it seemed perfect for a classic favourite of mine – a crew neck raglan, spiced up here with a little pop of colour. See my How to Wrap Floats post for help with colourwork.

Amelia sweater pattern by Katya Frankel for Yarn Stories.
The sweater is knitted from the bottom up, seamlessly, with each design element worked in order, one after another, so that you only have to concentrate on one thing at a time. The colour–work band, for example, begins after the ribbed hem is completed; the waist shaping starts after the colour–work band; the neck shaping is written out row by row, and is offset from the sweater with a single purl round which I thought was a nice touch (I did the same around the sleeve cuffs and the hem), but you can easily skip it and move on straight to the ribbing if you prefer a smooth transition. 
All in all a wardrobe classic and as Kate said on twitter '…I'd wear it to death…', yep, me too [wear it to death, that is] :-)

Amelia sweater pattern by Katya Frankel for Yarn Stories.

You can buy Amelia pattern from Yarn Stories website.

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