15 November 2014

Head to Toe – Head Things – Thirlwall

Thirlwall Hat Pattern by Katya Frankel
Today's pattern from Head to Toe is Thirlwall. Thirlwall is a textured hat, an easy to wear (and super easy to make!) beanie with just the right amount of slouch. The design for the crown came together after I tried a number of crown options with some regular shaping that results in a dome shaped top, but it somehow did't sit well with this tactile fabric. You can almost feel the texture just by looking at it and I wanted the crown to be continue the theme, be part of it. The result is an envelope fold you see below.

There is a project or two in each chapter of Head to Toe that is aimed at a beginner knitter, an adventurous beginner would probably be more correct. These projects use easy stitches, repetitive patterns and little to no shaping, most importantly there's one thing to concentrate at a time as you work through the pattern. 
Thirlwall is one of these projects in the Head Things chapter. It is knit in the round using only knits and purls, there is no shaping in the crown, nothing intricate in the stitch patterns and you get to try out a 3-needle bind-off!* 

Thirlwall Hat Pattern by Katya Frankel
As always the hat comes in a number of sizes and better still it is fully reversible. The textured pattern does look a little different on the Reverse but just as good as in the photo above.

* I see a new tutorial coming up :-)

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