29 October 2014

Yarn Stories

Yarn Stories

There is something I've been itching to share for months and months, some very exciting news of a new British brand of yarn entering the market! Premium yarn of a superb quality that knits like butter.
Yarn Stories is spun in a Yorkshire mill by people who are well established in yarn manufacturing and have all the know-how of first rate yarn production, people who had a dream of bringing us, the hand knitters, a yarn of an exceptional quality. I know, I know, I sound quite preachy :-)

I can tell you they were a joy to work with from the start, from planning the projects to putting the colours together to see which ones will showcase the palette range better, it was all part of an exciting adventure. I am both humbled and proud to be part of such talented designers who's work I've hugely admire. 

Here's to the new beginnings! 

Junko hat and mitt pattern by Katya Frankel for Yarn Stories

Amelia sweater pattern by Katya Frankel for Yarn Stories
I'll be back to tell you about each one of my designs in detail soon.

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