3 October 2014

Ravenna Cowl

Slip stitch knitting, often referred to as mosaic knitting, is something I first learnt well before I knew how to do stranded colour work and if you ever wanted to make your own knits with more than just one colour, it's a great way to start. Essentially mosaic knitting is just working in stripes, two stripes at a time, with some slipped stitches to extend the colour from the previous round into the one you are working. The result resembles stranded knitting somewhat, it's not exactly that if you look close enough, the fabric appears to be worked in two colours (or more sometimes), but is actually a combination of stripes and slipped stitches.
All in all it's a great technique to know and produces some fab results: from boxy patterns, to single  contrast stitches traveling on the background, to nubbly textures with some pops of colour like this one:

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