7 October 2014

Kung Fu Knits by Elizabeth Green-Musselman, a review

Kung Fu Knits by Elizabeth GM

About three years ago Elizabeth Green-Musselman spoke to me about a series of booklet ideas she had, tentatively titled What Kids Want, trying to bridge the everyday wearables with fantasy play. 

As a designer [and a knitter] of kids' knitwear myself I can tell you that kids can be a picky audience. I think that Elizabeth's concept of combining a comic with knitting patterns for fun is innovative and brilliant at once. I love that the way she approached the patterns is by looking at how the what-they-want can be made, translated into a knit.

A little about the book:
Kung Fu Knits is a collaboration between Elizabeth and a totally awesome [as phrased by my own growing cartoonist wannabe] illustrator, Ben Bender. The comic that introduces the patterns is clever and entertaining, the patterns are well written and are complete with clear schematics to help you choose the right size for your kid. There are six patterns in the book, from GI uniform that's sized up to fit kids from 4 to 12 years old, to your Kung Fu [soft] weapons of choice and a pretty neat bag for all the things. 

ISBN 978-1937513610
Available from Cooperative Press and all good book stores.

Watch the book's introduction trailer:

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