20 August 2014

Barcelona Yarn Stores

Amidst all the sightseeing and beach lounging I just couldn't pass an opportunity to visit some Barcelona yarn stores. I visited three, but there were more and I wish I had more time to roam them, but alas, kids and yarn petting don't always go hand in hand.

 First one on the list is All You Knit is Love, located right next to the Picasso Museum. 

A charming store with plenty of character and a very good range of yarn, from your international staples like Malabrigo, Garnstudio and some known sock yarns to locally dyed luxury fibres. The lady behind the counter turned out to be a local yarn dyer, called Greata from Greta and the Fibres, covering up for the owners. Coincidentally, I already picked a couple of her skeins by the time I realised who she was :-) It was fun talking with her about the colour and the palette she works with. [Pardon my blurry phone photos, I only realised the lens was a mess after I left, but I hope you can get the feel of the place regardless of the lack of sharpness here].

The two skeins I picked up at the store are both lace weight with an amazing hand to them. Notice the yardage on one of the labels reads 600m! That should comfortably become a very good sized shawl and I am really looking forward to working with it later this year.

Next one up is Lanas el Globo - Passeig de Sant Joan, 34 - by the Arc de Triomf

A lovely, cosy store with a very good selection of yarn and the sales rep happy to help if you want to see anything. The set up is something I haven't seen in years, where the yarn is stored behind the counter and no browsing that I grew so fond of, you have to actively ask for it to be passed over to you. The choice of yarn is plentiful, however.

Mans i Manigues - This little store was near Lanas el Globo, sort of a street perpendicular to Passeig de Sant Joan.
You can guess from the signage atop of the entrance that it offers Katia yarn only, so if you are looking for any Katia yarns this would be your one stop shop for it. It's tiny, but oh-so adorable and well presented. There are magazines to browse and a small range of accessories on offer as well.

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  1. Far out!!! They don't look like stores.....it looks
    like heaven!!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Anita.


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