22 July 2014

Catnip and Cat Conference Hats

Some ten months ago I teamed up with the wonderful people behind Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts to design a couple of accessories for the new yarn line they were launching to support the Meow Foundation and quite fittingly called the Meow Collection. A portion of the proceeds of the sale donated to benefit stray and abandoned cats. In the USA donations are made to Best Friends Animal Society, in Canada and internationally donations are made to The Meow Foundation (Ancient Arts is a Canadian company). The yarn bases were all dyed with cat colours in mind, covering a very wide palette from muted greys to some bright ones like Cat's Eye Cobalt or Cat's Eye Green. Check them out over here http://ancientartsfibre.com/Meow_Yarn_Collection/ 
The two designs I worked on were the Catnip and the Cat Conference hats and were fun to work on. The twisted cable pattern pushed my designer comfort zone a little, since I prefer starting with a stitch pattern and then seeing where it takes me in terms of the crown shaping. Whilst here, it had to be thought through beginning with the crown and fitting the wandering pathways into the stitch pattern and then further into the ribbing. It's always challenging working in the opposite direction to the way you used to and it does take more time of course, but the results are often so refreshing.
Both patterns will be coming out soon all ready for your Xmas knitting.*

* you know, you can never be too early with your Xmas knitting, right?

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How to keep track of cast on stitches

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