25 April 2014

Head to Toe - Individual Patterns Available on Ravelry!

I love it when people work in unison together, which is often the case with the Cooperative Press folk. Whenever I talk to any one of them this exciting energy seems to just flow back and forth and great things happen as a result.
Namely, just this morning I mentioned to them that it would be great to offer Head to Toe individual patterns up for sale and a couple of emails later it was all organised and done. And you can now purchase the single patterns of the book from their respective pages on Ravelry!

Here is a little snippet on what's in the book and if you have a minute check out the full preview below ->

Duergar hat pattern by Katya Frankel

Wetland scarf pattern by Katya Frankel
Cobbles sock pattern by Katya Frankel
Cannonfire sock pattern by Katya Frankel
Back hand hitch fingerless mitt pattern by Katya Frankel
Back hand Hitch
The patterns from Head to Toe: Kids' Knit Accessories are now available as individual downloads on Ravelry!

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