13 March 2014


bracken vest pattern from Katya Frankel

I love how wardrobe staples I have designed years and years ago are still going strong. Bracken here, was designed sometime in 2009 and having been re-reading the pattern to follow up a shaping query I must admit I was a little addled at 2009 me. My writing style has matured since then and all the work I've done over the last five years had sharpened my eye for consistency.* It was clear that the pattern needed an overhaul and I am sure that the new version will be welcomed by past customers as well as the new ones too as now and then I spot knitters making more than one Bracken for themselves.

And so, on to the new pattern version:
  • The fit, sizing and shaping are kept the same as they were in the old pattern, but there were a couple of points that could've been written clearer. The pattern was re-written to make it consistent and easy to follow. As my tech editor said 'the bones are there, it's just that some numbers needed massaging in to place' :-)
  • Some people have complained that the smaller sizes had an armhole that was way too deep. We had addressed that as well. 
  • And last but not least, it's sporting a new layout.

*I don't think I have even heard of stylesheets in 2009!
** I should mention that if you already own the pattern (purchased through here or Ravelry), there is no need to purchase it again, it will be uploaded to your Ravelry library automatically.

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