16 February 2014

Magpielly Solid Sock Club 2014

Introducing Magpielly Solid Sock Club

get your sine on knitting sock pattern by Katya Frankel

Get your sine on

Hello knitters! Today I'd love to share some very exciting news with you:

Elly Doyle, the organiser of the club and designer extraordinaire
, is bringing you a Solid Coloured Sock Club! I am thrilled to be part of it and I am in great company too, together with Elly herself and Rachel Coopey, the genius behind The Knitted Sock Society and Coop Knits Socks!

This year, Elly proposed a themed club with designs being inspired by maths: be it algebra, geometry or analysis. I thought the task was rather interesting to work on, if not a fun attempt to try to incorporate some maths inspired elements into a sock design.
After much exploration, I have come up with a sock pattern that is based on a trigonometric function. Interwoven sine and cosine waves to be precise: the braided waves translated into a rather pretty cable pattern that flows from the cuff and runs along the leg and foot of the sock, curtailing towards the toe.


get your sine on knitting sock pattern by Katya Frankel

The club is open for sign-ups until tomorrow February 17 *

Sign up on Magpielly.co.uk

* it was originally planned to finish sign ups two weeks ago, but Elly had recently moved house (and an island) with all the excitement of being off line 
for a few weeks, hence the prolonged sign up date.


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