6 February 2014


Leftie Shawl by Martina Behm
A while ago I was lucky to get some of the SpaceCadet's mini-skeins to sample although was unsure how to use them. They come in most vivid colour variegations in 20 gram skeins and as it turned out were perfectly suited for this pattern.
I originally was planning to make some stripy socks for but when a friend pointed out this Martina Behm pattern to me, I was taken by it instantaneously. It was designed to use up the leftovers and is ingenious in its construction: the shawl grows steadily as you knit letting you carry on until you're practically out of yarn, which I did. Can you see the narrow cream stripe on the end? I figured it could be left as a design feature and trimmed it with another contrast stripe and a leaf point on the opposite side.
The main yarn is Malabrigo Neutral, contrast are two different SpaceCadet mini skeins (I haven't got the dyelots for you unfortunately).

The pattern was so addictive, it kind of makes me want to cast on for another one!

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