3 December 2013

Head to Toe official release

Photo courtesy of Cooperative Press
Yesterday was the day! I almost skipped when I saw this photo from my publisher pop up in my timeline.

To celebrate the book release we will be having a yarn giveaway, so that you can start working on those projects right away. Watch this space, as you can see, there'll be plenty to go around!

Aside from that, I absolutely adore the photo Elizabeth picked for the cover. We had some serious fun [except for them not actually being allowed to go in the mud] that day and it shines through the photos.

Head to Toe: Kids' Knit Accessories book by Katya Frankel

In the next few posts I am planning to give you a little insight into projects, stitch pattern and constructions highlights. If there is any particular pattern you'd like to hear about, here is your chance to let me know!

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