13 November 2013

Yorks Retreat

Last weekend I went to a designer retreat in Yorkshire, organised by Joeli of Joeli's Kitchen and Ruth of Rock and Purl. And let me tell you, not many things could beat a weekend full of knitting, wine and good conversation in my books.

It was most exciting hanging out with some old friends and making new ones, talking about the industry and our work, sampling new yarns and needles. I think Joeli, Ruth and Kate (the Knit Now editor) really pulled all the stops to make it as fun and as interesting for us as they possibly could. And it looks like there are more of them planned, both, for designers and knitters. Get yourself of the list if you fancy going (link).

It was really nice to meet and talk to Kat Goldin of Slugs on the Refrigerator. Kat is part of the team behind so many new verntures, like Crochet and Knit Camp, Blogtacular and The Yarn Project. I find her boundless energy quite awe-inspiring.

Woolly Wormhead run an informal hat clinic that was super fun too. If you ever get a chance to go to one of those near you, do go. She's incredibly good at knowing which hat suits your face, apparently beret is my hat and Camden looks good on anyone :-)

There were goodie bags too, and we all found the sponsors to be overwhelmingly generous with their kindness. Here is a small sampling of what I came home with
So many new yarns and knitterly gadgets to try! Gorgeous stuff and I my head is abuzz with plans for new designs already!

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