7 June 2013

The incentive

I was bribing myself with gardening work last week. The weather has been so nice and there is so much to do outside that concentrating on any work has been hard. A trip to the local nursery was a treat to myself after I finish the top I was toiling on for weeks. The pattern was finished for a while but the very important smaller details, namely the collar treatment and its decrease rate to get the shape just so, were bugging me the entire time.

Those dainty details are often so significant in a design and getting them to work with the design, complement it, without taking any attention from its main features is just as important as figuring out the stitch pattern and the look itself.

This photo is a final design from the collection I was putting together towards September. I am both happy and relived that all the patterns are finished and are being tech edited now and ready to be photographed. I've ideas that need waiting until the students have left for their summer hols and the city is less crowded. That's probably just enough time to start working on something new :-) no?

Back to my gardening, as ridiculous as it sounds, bribing worked a treat. It seems that a little distraction to concentrate on something completely unrelated is all I needed. As a bonus the front garden is now officially done with these babies plunged in the ground and watered well.

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