18 March 2013

Born and Bred - review and giveaway

Born and Bred is a book of nine beautiful designs, all showcasing British wool with an emphasis on Yorkshire breeds, produced by Verity Britton of Baa Ram Ewe, who photographed the projects and did the layout, and Ann Kingstone, who created these stunning patterns.

The book starts with Verity and Ann sharing a little insight on what's inspired them to produce Born and Bred, talking about the Yorkshire breeds and Ann's passion for all things Yorkshire and how it served as a great source of inspiration for the designs. But what's caught my eye most, was the first line of Ann's intro where she says: 
"As a Yorkshire lass, born and bred, I love all things Yorkshire. So when Verity suggested that we should produce a Yorkshire-themed knitting book, I was instantly enthused. Design ideas flowed! .....  Yorkshire’s wool story is a great history, and I am very proud that it is my history."

And to me, this conveys the idea of the book perfectly, I admire how living and working in Yorkshire they both choose to promote its heritage, beautiful yarns and showcase its history through beautiful design elements. This love shines through Ann's work continually, from a Yorkshire rose  in her company's logo to little design elements she embodies into her creations and of course all the pattern names continue the connection. I love that!
All pattern intros are talking about the wool and the sheep it comes from (pictures of the gorgeous animals included), describing how the yarn behaves when knitted up. Knowing how much thought goes into finding just the right yarn for each design, I really appreciate that Ann wants the knitters to make an informed choice when they are substituting the yarn that's based not only on weight and fibre composition but yarn's nature too. Very helpful for those knitter who don't have an easy access to Yorkshire breed yarns.

Diving into the book, you'll see that there are two children's patterns in it and naturally I wanted to talk to Ann about those designs.
Reseberry is a little girls' hooded jacket with cables on its front.

KF I adore some of Roseberry's little details, how its cable pattern echoed in I-cord piping, for example, and those adorable toggles! 
AK Thank you!

KF You used closed cables that just pop on the purl ground forming a perfectly braided knot in quite a few designs in the book. Do you have any tips on working them? 
AK I wasn't happy with the appearance of any of the methods I have seen for starting these kind of cables, so I swatched a lot to create the method I use in Roseberry and Hild. It's fairly simple in the end:
Round 1: knit 2 sts in the sea of reverse st-st.
Round 2:  knit into the purl bumps behind the 2 knit sts.
Round 3: work a purled m1 increase before and after the 4 knit sts.
Round 4: work to 2 sts before the first m1 increase, put 2 sts on cable needle and hold in back, k2, then p2 from cable needle, then cable four forward, put next 2 sts on the cable needle and hold in back, p2, then k2 from cable needle.
And that begins it! Of course, as a perfectionist I then spend a few moments easing up any slack into neighbouring sts... ;o)

KF The second children's pattern in the book is Little Tyke; a boys' waistcoat with its back and the front worked in two different versions of diamond colour-work while the number of stitches in their repeats are kept the same. I'd love to hear the story behind the pattern.
AK It was inspired by traditional Yorkshire Dales gloves, which have different patterns on the palm and back of the hand. I wanted to use that idea in a garment, and following Verity's suggestion we made that garment a boy's tank top. I especially love the stitch pattern on the back which I copied from photos of an antique Yorkshire glove that Penelope Hemingway kindly shared with me from her forthcoming book. It's a version of 'midge n fly' which has the crosses collected into diamonds. I love it! 

KF Using different patterns for back and front was on my mind a lot recently and I am thrilled with the amount of options your pattern can offer - the obvious one of working the whole vest in the same pattern for a more traditional look, or for those who feel confident with their colour technique working the pattern in quarters and alternating them in both front and back! I can see why you like it, it's a gorgeous pattern and that border is so cute! 
AK Did you know 'Tyke' is slang for somebody from Yorkshire? I loved playing with that in the bottom border! :D

Ann was very kind to offer a book giveaway to go with the review! If you would like a print copy all to yourself, let us know which design from Born and Bred is your favourite together with your Ravelry ID or an email address and the winner will be chosen on Saturday, 23 March!

ETA thank you so much and good luck to everyone who entered. The comments are now closed. The winner will be announced soon.


  1. I think Hild would be my favourite. It's such a classic shape but the cables really make it stand out from the crowd.

    I'm Stitched-Together on Rav.

  2. I love all of them but specially Ilkley Moor, such a nice beret!

  3. I love Roseberry. My baby girl is now a toddler. It would look lovely on her. Rav amchart

  4. The hooded jacket is so cute. My friends and I are just starting to get ready to have kids and this would be a perfect gift for all the little girls to come. My rav ID is naturalysam

  5. I'd have to go with Betty - only because my tea pot has been screaming for a cozy. alcbrooks on Ravelry

  6. How lovely! It's nice to have a giveaway for a chance at these beautiful patterns!
    Lee (mamagiff on ravelry)

  7. Oh gosh, I love all those patterns, but I adore Roseberry! That would look stunning on my little girl :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Rav ID: venny
    Email: vhartawidjojo@hotmail.com

  8. Roseberry, it's beautiful. I have a new niece, I would love to make this for her! orangegiraffe on Rav

  9. They're all fun but the Betty tea cozy and the swaledale clogs are my faves.
    wahoomerryf on Rav

  10. Absolutely love Hild! My daughters will probably argue about who gets the first one.

    greyowl (ravelry id)

  11. I really like the Baht 'At mitts, though I think I'd make mine without the alpaca content. My Rav id is cthulhulovesme. :)

  12. Wetwang was cute :)


  13. Ilkley Moor is my favorite of the collection. A piece that can add the needed touch of style to any outfit.
    fire fox 9 (at) prodigy (dot) net

  14. I love all the patterns but Reseberry is my favorite since I have all granddaughters :)

  15. I think that "Hild" is gorgeous! I love hoodies, and I really like the cable design on this one.

    (Rav ID: knitmish)

  16. Wetwang is probably my favorite. But I would love to make Roseberry for my SIL's daughter!
    FlyingMonkeyHQ on Rav

  17. That looks like a lovely book I would love to read! I know bext to nothing about the specifics of Yorkshire wool.

  18. Little Tyke, for sure! It is so cute and would be very handsome on my little guy, Arthur!

    Ravelry ID is SpinKnitUp

  19. I know several little girls that would be absolutely adorable in the Roseberry sweater!

    jkmlifelearner on Rav

  20. i like Hild



  21. What lovely patterns! I have a fondness of fingerless mitts so my favourite is Baht 'At.

  22. I love Wetwang - it looks like a gorgeous book
    amb83 on Rav

  23. I like "Ilkley Moor". Thanks for the chance.

    LMECOLL on Rav

  24. I love Roseberry, but I think Ilkley Moor will probably fit me better ; ) (unionjgirl on Rav)

  25. I love Hild and Roseberry!Thanks for bringing such a talented designer to my attention!
    knewknittycarolyn on Rav.

  26. Wow,this is amazing and so generous of you.Everything is amazing and so hard to choose,my favs are Betty,Roseberry,Baht 'At.

  27. I love the baby stuff, but my all time favorite it hild

  28. Roseberry is adorable! I wish it went to larger sizes. domiKNITrics on Rav

  29. (Hope this is not a duplicate as I got interrupted)!

    Super book and I am torn between Wetwang and Hild
    Sandrada on Rav

  30. Baht 'At is my favorite! Thanks
    gussek on Ravelry
    gussek at hotmail dot com

  31. I absolutely adore wetwang!

  32. Love your patterns.
    Purplefrog5 on Raverly

  33. Reseberry is definitely my favorite! So cute!

    rav: jordyndunaway
    email: jordyndunaway@yahoo.com

  34. They are all cute, but I especially love Roseberry. Thanks for the giveaway (cnuland on Rav)

  35. Ilkey Moor and Roseberry are my favorites, but they are all lovely.

    sherryglover1 on Ravelry


  36. The designs on the cover look very tempting. Especially the colourwork ones. And the kids look adorable in them.
    - Vonraveller on Ravelry.

  37. So many lovely designs! Its hard to pick a favorite! Roseberry caught my eye and I have a niece that I would love to make that for.
    1tracy on Ravelry

  38. Pick one favorite? They're all gorgeous! If I really had to pick one, it'd be Roseberry, I think. But that's a tough decision.
    Ravelry: anastasiamw
    email: stasiamb@gmail(dot)com

  39. I totally love love love Roseberry it's adorable.
    QTWIQ on Rav

  40. fayofthewoods on ravelry21 March 2013 at 22:34

    Hild is my favorite of the patterns.

  41. i love all of them but especially Roseberry!
    pepita-di-Corfu on Ravelry

  42. Hard to choose. I wish i can knit the #hild#That is totally must try.
    Pinkyfrogshop on Ravelry

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