19 October 2012

Tiny Treads review and giveaway

Shortly after Boys' Knits came out Cooperative Press brought out another book devoted to children's knitting patterns - Tiny Treads by Joeli Caparco.

Having worn hand knitted socks all the way through my childhood I used to adore them and now that I have little feet of my own to dress I was very excited to see a title dedicated wholly to kids' socks! 
Joeli opens the book with a short introduction and tips on sock sizing followed up by my favourite type of pattern - a classic sock recipe. Except this one is written not just to fit different sizes but also for a multitude of yarn gauges from heavy aran to 2-ply lace and covers both toe-up and cuff-down socks! This seems to be such an obvious and simple solution for a generic pattern - have it written for any yarn at the ready. Very clever! If you have never knit socks before, those recipes are great as a starting off point for any beginner sock knitter before you venture into more complex ones. And the choice of patterened designs in the book is excellent as well with something for everyone, from cables to some beautifully nubbly textures and lace. One of my favoutite patterns in the book is Banbury Cross (the one of the left) worked in a knotted rib pattern that flows on from the rib.

And Cinderslippers - I'm in love with the little wrap-collar for its cuff!

Joeli and Cooperative Press have kindly offered to support a giveaway of the book. If you would like to win your own digital copy of Tiny Treads all you need to do is leave a comment with your Ravelry ID or email address and I'll pick a winner at random on Tuesday Thursday, 25th October.

ETA this giveaway is now closed.


  1. Lovely socks! I love knitting socks but my two have never really been much into handknitted socks. Until recently when 13yo discovered that I could knit her 'vintage socks'. Now there's no stopping her!

  2. I've been meaning to get into sock knitting so I'd love to get this book (its on my Christmas list anyway.)

  3. So many babies coming, so many lovely socks!

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