21 May 2012


There's something wrong with my camera. I'm not sure if it's a big thing or not so coughexpensivecough big. There's something wrong with the shutter and the camera is spewing an error message every time the release button is pressed. So annoying to say the least. The interwebs suggest that it might not necessarily be big, and only involve taking the camera apart with a screwdriver and magicing its innards [that I have never ever seen before] back into working. Should be a doddle, right? Once the screwdriver arrives.
In the meantime I'm editing the last of the photos from the memory card*

This top was designed 3 years ago for YF and was one of my first gathered collar designs that I fell in love with and I am re-releasing the pattern. Why do I love those ruched yokes so much? There's just something so feminine and delicate about those gathers, so flowing and uncomplicated.
Heidi is knit seamlessly in the round from the top down. It's worked in a worsted weight cotton yarn - Rowan Handknit cotton, that's very soft and nice on hands. It washes beautifully too. A mindless, evening telly, kind of knit with gathers and pleats and a little moss stitch to finish the trims.

More info can be found on Ravelry, the pattern is available in both places. Happy knitting!

*and being a little skeptical about the easy fix

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