12 December 2011

knits accessories 2011

Knits Accessories is out and I am so excited to have two patterns in it :)
One of them is the chevron stitch headband - Dryad - with a button closure that was inspired by a hat I designed a few years ago. If you ever worked with chevron stitch you would know that it tends to shape itself following the order of the increases and decreases lengthwise. It proved tricky to have it point outwards along the same line but not impossible as you can see!

The second design is the Elusive bias sock. They are worked in a mosaic stitch pattern, where you only work with one strand of yarn in any given round and the stitch pattern is achieved by slipping some of the stitches from the previous round unworked. I am a little too happy to have this baby out. First, because it's a man sock through and through; designed for men, sized for men and with men in mind and I think there should be more of those. And second, because it took them nearly 3 years to see the light* and that is a very long time by anyone's standards.

*or the print date

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