21 November 2011

the jelly roll

I had this dream of making a quilt for our living room to replace our off-white fleecy blanket that I despise so much. It felt horrid and it stunk*. Doesn't matter how many times it was being washed, whenever I brought it anywhere near my face I'd catch this horrid musty smell that makes you go eugh!
So a couple of weeks ago Wendy of Knit and tonic, the blog I absolutely adore, was brandishing one of those jelly roll quilts on her blog that are apparently so easy to make. I didn't need much convincing. I found some lush fabric on Etsy that's been discontinues now and once I figured out how to attach the two strips together at an angle it all went swimmingly. Part of the quilt is indeed a jelly roll and the strip you see on top is just plain fabric with its pattern set perpendicularly to the jelly roll strips. I even found a very nice backing fabric to match the Volumes theme.

Was I surprised to hear :"Yeah, this one's pretty but where's our nice *woolly* one?" yesterday. Woolly? Woolly!? I haven't got any words!

*but apparently not everyone felt about it like I did.

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