17 October 2011

Show and tell - Interweave

The Quatrefoil Cups from Knits Holiday Gifts 2011.
I had a little light bulb moment when this idea came to me. A simple garter project that is completely
seamless, it is worked in flat portions of garter oblongs. The bottom of the cup resembles the log-cabin (I'll dig out some photos that I took before sending it off to Interweave for you tomorrow), with perfectly seamless garter at the top. The beginning and the end are grafted together when the cup is finished (with the kitchener instructions provided too).
It's a great project if you would like to learn the said log-cabin technique or to practice the garter kitchener or simply need a gift holder. There are three different width cups in the pattern, but the idea is so simple that it'd be easy to up or downsize it in both width and height.
I find it so interesting how the simplest of ideas sometimes bring the world of satisfaction to me :)

The Gathered Collar Pullover from a new Interweave publication called Knit.Wear. Did you see it yet? Knit.Wear is chock-full of staple garments, and a couple of accessories, with accent of form, silhouette and stitch details.
My jumper is worked seamlessly from the top down in Aran weight, the collar and the pleat are added on at the end and are done in some fine kid-seta mohair that's worked to the same tension. There are some truly beautiful sweaters in there, go have a look.

All photos are courtesy of Interweave.

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